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The Mars Journal is a new, peer-reviewed online open access scholarly journal. The Mars Journal publishes peer-reviewed scholarly papers in three general categories: Mars Science, Mars Technology, Mars Policy.


Lunar Explorer

The Moon in your PC - a Virtual Reality Moon Simulation based on Actual NASA data - Buy Now in the 4Frontiers Store!

An online simulated Mars habitat

A simulated Mars settlement

Space Activist Organizations:

Educational Organizations:

Other Organizations:

Association of Mars Explorers

Association of Mars Explorers

SpaceRef Dot Com

Mars News Dot Com

MarsDaily dot com

Mars Today Dot com

MoonToday dot net

Other References:

Light Pollution - The Dark Side of Outdoor Lights

"The possible advantages of [space colonization] are many and not to be taken lightly. In theory many of humanity's most environmentally destructive activities could be removed from the biosphere entirely. The population density of the Earth could be reduced, and a high quality of life could be provided to all Homo sapiens. It might even make war obsolete... Environmentalists often accuse politicians of taking too short-term a view of the human predicament. By prematurely rejecting the idea of space colonies they would be making the same mistake." - Paul Ehrlich in Space Colonies, ed. Steward Brand, 1977
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