Mars Settlement Design
- Gen II Update - July '07
- Gen II Update - May '07
- Gen II Update - Jan '07
- Gen II Launch - Oct '06
FMARS 2011 Expedition
Prospective Projects
Past Projects
- Mars Greenhouse Materials
- FMARS 2009 Expedition

Research & development is one of the company's core business segments. A number of research efforts are presently in progress while funding for others is being actively pursued. Follow the links below to learn more about these efforts.

Mars Settlement Design - 4Frontiers prides itself on being a world leader in Mars settlement design, technology and related concepts. The company's latest settlement design efforts are described here, including the completed Generation II Mars Settlement Study.

Prospective Projects - 4Frontiers is pursuing funding for a number of potential research projects, some of which are described here.

Past Projects - Research efforts completed by the company will be detailed here.

"Space, [Stine] argues, is to be the scene of a Third Industrial Revolution because there man can find virtually limitless energy and resources. Pollution as a by-product of the First and Second Industrial Revolutions disappears in the vastness of space. He pictures our present earthbound industrial system as being a closed system for ecological purposes. By developing space as a site for industry, man opens up the system and ensures his future survival--a survival holding the promise of plenty rather than scarcity." - Barry Goldwater, Introduction to The Third Industrial Revolution by G. Harry Stine, 1975
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