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Entertainment & Education is one of the company's core business segments. A number of projects are presently in progress while funding for others is being actively pursued. Follow the links below to learn more about these efforts.

Interspace - Florida - A one-of-a-kind complex, Interspace will combine a working research & development facility (focused on developing space settlement technologies) with a world-class, fully immersive, space-themed tourist attraction.

Tour Group Packages - 4Frontiers develops and operates custom tour packages for high school students (domestic and abroad), focusing on space centers, museums and attractions as well as famous US cultural destinations.

Space Science Education Package - A custom curriculum package for 5-7th grades has been developed by 4Frontiers, using Mars exploration and settlement as the theme.

Short Story Anthology - Engaging a dozen authors, editors and illustrators, 4Frontiers is working with a publishing entity to produce an anthology of children's short stories. These feature the 4Frontiers characters and take place within the first settlement on Mars.

Prospective Projects - 4Frontiers is pursing funding for a number of potential entertainment & education projects, some of which are described here.

Past Projects - Completed entertainment & education efforts will be detailed here.


"Let me end with an explanation of why I believe the move into space to be a human imperative. It seems to me obvious in too many ways to need listing that we cannot much longer depend upon our planet's relatively fragile ecosystem to handle the realities of the human tomorrow. Unless we turn human growth and energy toward the challenges and promises of space, our only other choice may be the awful risk, currently demonstrable, of stumbling into a cycle of fratricide and regression which could end all chances of our evolving further or of even surviving." - Gene Roddenberry, Planetary Report Vol. 1, 1981
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